Maintenance Technician

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Position: Programmer / Operator / Support / Maintenance Technician.

Depending on: Team Leader.

Supervises Execution of projects.


  • Development of assigned projects and installations.
  • Testing and Development of applications and systems.
  • Maintenance and Set-up of Installations and Projects.
  • Production Assistance and Customer Support
  • Collaboration with others responsible for the design, development, implementation, and installation of assigned projects.
  • Research.
  • Support in the installation and configuration of systems.
  • Pre-assembly of installations and system testing
  • Project documentation
  • Those described in the corresponding Quality Systems, as well as understanding and participating in the continuous improvement of the same.


  •  Basic studies, a higher degree in vocational training or university degree, preferably Technical or Higher Engineering, electronics, IT, industrial or telecommunications.
  • Languages English high (recommended)
  • Experience: Proven programming or developments in Delphi, Visual C and/or DB (Access - SQL), knowledge of IT, computers and electronic systems. knowledge in artificial vision, programming of automatons or robots is an asset.
  • Good integration in work teams, dynamic, availability to travel, ease of communication.